Neonatal Nurses Yearbook
Neonatal Nurses Yearbook

The definitive guide to Neonatal ICU and Special Care baby units in the UK

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Brief summary
Typical directory entry
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Brief summary
  • Published annually on behalf of the Neonatal Nurses Association.
  • Lists all Neonatal Intensive Care and Special Care Baby Units in the UK with names of consultants, senior nursing staff and unit facilities.
  • Information on regional groups,executive committees and papers presented at the annual conference.
  • Complimentary copies provided to all Neonatal Nurses Association members.

Sample directory entry

Queens Medical Centre - University Hospital NHS Trust

Nottingham University Hospital
Nottingham Health Authority
Central Division

Queens Medical Centre
Nottingham NG7 2UH

Tel:	0115 924 9924
Fax:	0115 970 9196

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Ext 44120/28)
Dr J Grant - Consultant Paediatrician (Clinical Director)
Dr M Hewitt - Consultant Paediatrician
Prof D Hull - Professor of Medicine
Dr D Johnston - Consultant Paediatrician
Miss L Kaplia - Consultant Surgeon
Mr C H Rance - Consultant Surgeon
Mr R Stewart - Consultant Surgeon
Ms J Stammers - Business Manager
Mrs L Clark - Neonatal Nurse Manager
Mrs P Hale - Senior Nurse Manager

Unit capacity: (babies) 18
No of special care cots: 14
No of intensive care costs: 4
No of yearly admissions: 300

How to order
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