Health Service Management and Planning Maps 1996-1997

Health Service Management and Planning Maps 1996-1997

Find your way through the NHS maze with our detailed and extensive range of NHS maps

Map specifications
The range of maps
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Map specifications

The CMA range of NHS maps helps you to understand the structure of the health service and identify which facility or unit belongs where. Our range accurately identifies :
  • NHS Regions
  • District Health Authorities and FHSA's
  • NHS Supplies Divisions
  • NHS Trusts and Hospitals identified by Town, Health Authority and Supplies Division.
These full colour wall maps (63 by 93cm) printed on high quality gloss art paper, are encapsulated to provide a wipeclean durable surface.

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The range of maps

The following maps are currently available :

  • Health Authority and NHS Trust Consolidation Map
    Integrated Health Authorities, Trusts, Towns and Supplies Divisions, including populations and previous HA's and FHSA's.

  • Acute Hospitals
    By Health Authority, Town and NHS Supplies Division

  • NHS Trusts
    By Region, Town and NHS Supplies Divisions

  • Health Authority Postcode Maps
    Comprehensive regional volumes include

    • A4 Regional Consolidation Map with Health Authorities ( view a typical map - 31k), postcode sectors and populations
    • A4 maps of all Health Authorities within the Region including Postcodes, Boundaries, Major Towns and Hospitals ( view a typical map - 26k)
    • Boundary changes for 1996
    • Health Authorities and relating postcodes
    • NHS Trusts
    • Index showing Postcode, Region, Health Authority, CMA Map index reference and NHS Trusts
    • Data can also be supplied on diskette, broken down by Regions, Health Authorities, Postcodes, Trusts, CMA Map Index

Who to contact?

For further information, on the range of CMA health service maps, please :

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