About CMA Data

About CMA Medical Data

"In a ceaselessly changing health care environment, it is vital to be in the know on who's who and what's where."

Hospital Magazine 1996

CMA Medical Data was featured in a recent article in Hospital Magazine. If you would like to see what they had to say about our excellent service, you can request a copy of the article by email.

Here are some of the highlights from the article:

"While the whirlwind of change has been sweeping through the NHS , you may be forgiven for having wondered who was where and what was what. But luckily for UK health professionals, one company, CMA Medical Data (a division of PMSI UK Ltd), has been keeping a careful track of the latest developments in the health care sector."

".....the family of directories, including The Directory of Hospital Management Supplies and Services and the Directory of Emergency and Special Care Units, has become an indispensable source of contact for an increasingly decentralised health service."

"CMA prides itself on its market sensitivity and it's a market driven approach."

"CMA is always open to new ideas and developments. A major pharmaceutical company asked for a colour map showing all the UK Renal Services...... for a project in North Manchester looking at the availability of emergency beds CMA supplied a disc listing all the intensive care units and the relevant contact.".

"Apart from the directories, maps, registers and software CMA occasionally do ad hoc reports and also run a mailing service."

Who to contact?

For further information please :

  • Submit the order/enquiry form
  • Send an email to info@cmadata.co.uk
  • Call us on 01223 277709
  • Fax us on 01223 276444
  • Write to : CMA Medical Data,
    Cambridge Research Laboratories,
    181a Huntingdon Road,
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